Yezdi 300

Yezdi 300 motorcycles have been featured this year with the Latest Features

Powered by a 2 stroke engine with twin exhausts, the Yezdi bike made by Jawa carried a tag ‘Forever bike, Forever value’. True to its tagline, the bike ruled the streets during its hay days and was produced from the Ideal Jawa plant in Mysore.

Yezdi 300

That’s not a bad thing because the effortless Mojo engine was the highlight of the motorcycle, comparable to or better than most other competitive engines on most counts. Joshi says that Classic Legends has taken over the facility and it’s working primarily on the Jawa project. He also says that the advanced equipment available in Varese is a huge asset in new motorcycle development.

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To assure all the people living with its memories, the new model looks very identical to the original model. The styling bits are the same with the proud ‘Jawa’ logo running over the bulbous fuel tank. However, the layout and design work remains true to the gills.

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The iconic motorcycle brand of the 1960s and 70s’ India, JAWA, is all set to enthrall bikers after almost a decade, with its return to the Indian market today. The legendary bikes, which became a hit in Europe in the 50s and 60s, were brought to India and locally manufactured by two Parsi entrepreneurs – Rustom and Farrokh Irani. The first of the reborn JAWA bikes, 300 Classic Roadster will roll out of the Mahindra two-wheeler facility in Pithampur, outside Indore.


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