Auto Expo 2020 has got off to a flying start, with the unveiling of the Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e concept. Deemed a design study, the radical Futuro-e showcases the styling future Maruti models are likely to employ. Importantly, the Futuro-e is also a statement of intent from Maruti to enter the midsize SUV segment.

Designed by Maruti Suzuki’s design team, the Futuro-e is pegged as ‘an Indian car with global sensibilities’. Its SUV-coupe shape is unlike anything from Maruti thus far and also marks a break from the traditional upright form of typical midsize SUVs. The rake of the rear windscreen gives the Futuro-e a sporty silhouette, while the combination of a sharply cut glasshouse and thick C-pillar add some serious personality to the look. The tail-lights that extend far onto the bodywork are unique as well.

A high set bonnet and wide face give the Futuro-e the necessary bulk. It does look as radical as some concepts, but here too the arrangement of the lights and LED light signature is distinct from all Marutis. Other details of note are the concept’s typically large wheels, camera pods for mirrors and a sunroof.

Maruti is known to play it safe with its designs so it will be interesting to see how many of the Futuro-e’s styling elements will be retained on the production version. Sharp styling, as seen on the Futuro-e, sure would help Maruti make the right impact in the competitive midsize SUV space.


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